Characterstics and traits of a Bad Manager

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If you have ever worked in the corporate environment, it is quite possible that you have come across a bad manager.They  not only vitiates work environment but also makes things difficult for their subordinates. It is often said that

Traits of a bad manager

Employees leave companies mostly because of bad managers

A bad manager

  • is a drag on employee motivation.
  •   promotes favoritism
  • disrupts productive work environment

A bad manager is  lacks the right attitude to manage his team. Their characteristics include bullying, taking credits from his employees, mistreatment  of employees ( for e.g. not approving even legitimate holidays, making them work without breaks). They set a wrong precedent in the organization about treating the employees wrong. How does one identify a bad manager? Well it is really easy. A bad manager displays following traits :

 Their management style – bullying to get the work done

A bad manager does not understand how to use diplomacy and tact. They uses every trick in the book to extract( not get done) work out of fearful employee. They love to brag about how they force employees to work late and how his deadlines are often met. They threaten employees with no promotion, low salary increment or even dismissal if things don’t go their way.

They do not care about welfare of his subordinates

A bad manager just wants to make sure their job is safe. They accomplish that by denying staff, due holidays , time-offs and vacation. They at first accept almost impossible targets and deadlines to impress senior management and then force their team members to follow up on the deadlines.

They promote favoritism

One of the worst characteristics of a bad manager is playing favorites. Most of the time , they place their favorite people in strategic position for example as leads of small teams. These leads are mostly yes-man and adhere to whatever the manager says.  In essence, they act like a dictator while leads function as their cronies.

They do not lead by example

A bad manager is a bad leader. They never lead by example. They are too scared to handle an angry customer. Most of the time , a hapless employee who does not have power to change anything is left to the mercy of the angry customer. They do not learn much about the technology in which their team is working. Often by portraying that they do not want to learn about technology, they want to show that they are above the team.

They  rarely praise hard working employees

A bad manager rarely praise any employee. They feel that employees, since they are paid salairies automatically will  do their best job. They never motivate employees. They deny them promotion and break all the promises because they feel that they own their employees.

They are immune to feedback

Often the feedback is only single directional : from manager to the employee. During appraisal, they would start with “Are you liking your work ?” and quickly change the topic if employee starts complaining. Since they are not honest in their feedback, often their feedback is hollow and prejudiced. Obviously they do not ever need a feedback for themselves. It is really hard dealing with bad managers. They are morale busters and they cause the highest attrition in the company.

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Veronica Cervera November 15, 2011 at 5:31 pm

I think one of the realities of life is being handled by a bad manager. Unless of course one starts out as an entrepreneur, this is never going to happen. But for employees, I don’t think it’s possible to avoid these types of managers. What one can do is to look at it as an opportunity to study the management style and how people respond to this style. It will come in very handy the day one becomes a manager already.

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