Search for your inner child

Sometimes, we are totally at loss of words for the problems that surround us. The enormity of situations such as financial crisis, corruption and genocides makes us ponder that if this is  the world we loved so much during our childhood. Whatever happened to the beauty of things that we once cherished. When one new car, one new telephone connection ( esp. in old India) or one new Television set brought us immense joy and pleasure. Now we see cars everyone around us.  A family does not view car as its precious jewel but as any other transport vehicle. Sometimes a family of four has four cars. Similar is the case of Television. We have plasma, LCD and what not produced in thousands to be replaced by another thousands when technology changes. Where is the time to adore the Old TV set ? Everything that we covet these days can be purchased on EMI( Equated Monthly Installment). It is a good idea to possess things now that we do not want to wait for because everyone already owns them. There is no fun in being patient, waiting for collecting money to buy that stuff you always wanted. Today, you want it and now. But since there is instant gratification, there is instant pleasure and the opposite reaction to this is sudden loss of interest after you possessed the object. I remember my now expired Grandmother, holding on to things, even after they outlived their usefulness. We kids used to laugh at her for her silliness. One thing she was so fond was her mobile phone. Of course when she was a child, there were no phones, forget mobile phones. She used to tell my mother about how she liked her mobile phone so much. To her, it was a magic-box that glowed whenever someone was trying to reach us.  She would look at it as if she had given birth to it. After her death, we decided to clean her room. What we found was the same old mobile phone in a box, wrapped like a new born baby. It was just a mobile phone but meant world to her. And look at your own mobile world, do you ever love it ? Many times we have seen people, who are so happy with world even though the world around them is full of troubles because they are in touch with their inner child. The child that got lost somewhere because of the way the world acted on them. The world told them to become hard nosed and practical. Our being practical is obviously necessary to survive in this world. I am also very practical when it comes to taking some strong decisions. But if being calculative and practical has anguished your inner child, you are on a wrong path. Joy only comes when we live life the fullest. When we are a beacon of integrity to others, when we let human considerations rise over professional considerations ( not at the cost of merit though), then we will feel great. And you can get joy, when we allow our inner child to come out and play while we protect it from the world, like a parent does. The joys of creating something, making things happen, exploring the world would happen only when we want it to be. Remember, when even a meaningless thing like sand used to give us most pleasure that even advanced Video game consoles cannot give. We used to construct castle using the sand and the winner was the child, who castle looked best. Or an Aeroplane made of paper, whose trajectory we followed, as it glided in the air. When there were many of such Aeroplanes, it was havoc. So many of them crashed with each other but no one died because of that. People who are in creation,most of the time appear crazy. Look at the scientists, engineers and the artists. They are all playing. Playing with the elements of nature. They don't care for the outcome, they know that something will come up in their minds. They are just allowing the inner child to play. Life is not only about earning money and riding in expensive cars but also living in a manner that nourishes your heart and soul. Letting your inner child come out and play is one important step towards it.