Can you create dreams in retrospect?

We have a lot of dreams. Sometimes, we are able to live some of the dream while at other times, dreams feel far away. Our heart long for the dream, when achieved, will make us very happy. I too had my share of uncompleted dreams.But life gave me a lot of reasons to celebrate. Looking back at the things I did, I feel they could have been my dreams too.For starting, let me give you a list (not in any order though)
  1. Drove a Mercedes Benz on Autobahn in Germany
  2. Played cricket with Englishman in England
  3. Blasted out on blues while driving on the roads in USA
  4. Saw innumerable number of rock stars and concerts right in Bangalore
  5. Danced to Philippines most popular song with pretty 'Philippinas' in Philippines
  6. Touched and took photos with a massive size elephant in India
  7. Saw Geneva in Switzerland from a hill in France, because I did not have Swiss Visa
  8. Went for 'Sound of Music' tour in Austria
  9. Met the most sweetest woman in the world, now my wife
and so on. But I never planned for these things. They just happened as I lived through the life. My consulting assignments took me places and I met a lot of wonderful people and places. Looking back at the things I did, I believe that I did live a lot of dreams that I had not cataloged. Many times, in order to reach a dream, we often forget what we are going through and how much valuable is the experience. Not living in present means missing out on many beautiful things today. I am not saying that you should not set the sights on stars but feel happy when you receive the moonlight. You will be much happier.