Does bigger means better?

by Ashvini on August 4, 2010

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Leaders of almost every organization are bragging these days, about the fact that their organization’s count of employees are in hundred’s and thousands.

The race is all about being bloated so that it can be showcased in trade shows, employment ads or anywhere else.

But does it really show

  1. that the organization is a great place to work?
  2. that the employee productivity is high?
  3. that work done there is high end?

No, it does not. Like in jungle, tigers are few but deers are plenty. The debate should not be about size but productivity, revenue per employee. Big size only means lower attention per employee, excessive competition for few senior positions and generally high levels of attrition.

If you disagree with me, take a look at the high attrition rates of some of the industries. Most of it is happening in bigger companies. It is obviously not without reason.

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