Applying SEO and SEM to life

As blog and site owners we want to learn everything about SEO ( search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine management). We know that learning about them will push our blogs/websites to the top of the search engine pages. We also know that applying the principles of these techniques will make us famous and known in the blog circles. Can we utilize the same principles that we use to popularize our blogs to act as guide to our lives? Can we come out at the top? In my opinion, we can use just the same ideas and apply them to improve our 'living ranking' ( similar to page ranking, but coined by me!). Let us look at some of the ways we can use SEM and SEO to improve our lives and gain 'living rank'.
  1. We have to be original:
  2. Many of us try to determine our worth by comparing ourselves to others and blindly following them. By doing this, we lose our originality and sense of self-respect. To come out on top, we have to do things differently. Copying  others will not take us far. However we should always be inspired by high achievers.
  3. Our website/blog will gain rank slowly:
  4. Our website did not achieve page rank on day one. Similarly, we will gain knowledge and wisdom slowly. We will have to go trough hard work and labour to achieve success.
  5. We should get good link juice:
  6. A search engine rewards the website that has links with a reputed site. In life too being in good company is rewarding. If you are in the company who cheat and cause troubles( such as link sellers and spammers), you will be penalized by life and search engines in long term.
  7. Sharing our knowledge:
  8. A lot of people keep knowledge to themselves. They do not understand the rewards of spreading it around. The more knowledge we gain and share, the more people look up to us. Similar to page rank increase when you are the authority, your 'living rank' increases when you share.
  9. Avoiding deception:
  10. Many search engine penalize you if you use deceptive techniques, such as stuffing your website with keywords. In other words you cannot get ahead with cheating. Also in your life, you cannot get ahead farther with cheating ( most of us can't) and neither do we earn respect from anyone.
This is just lighthearted fun. If you find it useful though, please comment.