How to make right choices in life and avoid regret?

by Ashvini on August 12, 2010

in Leadership

Every step of life is a choice.

Should we take this road?
Should we learn this technology?
Should I change job?

At every step of life  we have to make choices, that will have profound impact on your future and on others.Leaders make choices that have profound impact on thousands of followers. It is often very troublesome when things look equally good( or bad)  both sides and we have to make a decision. How do we take such a decision without regretting later on? Let us look at following things

  • Should we ask the experts?
    Yes,sure. But should we follow them religiously? No. Experts’ choices limit us to certain options because they view things with their prejudices( which is not necessarily bad). We should definitely take their opinions and integrate them into our thinking but not be ruled by them.
  • Should we take opinions of non experts?
    Definitely yes, because non-experts have a different way of looking at things, in a less biased sort of manner. We should integrate their view points as well.
  • Should we listen to skeptics and nay-sayers:
    Yes, we should because they have experienced the problems when taking a choice and probably have not been able to cope with them. We can use their knowledge to iron out the issues, avoid pitfalls and move forward. But we should not allow them to influence us completely.
  • Should we listen to our heart?
    Most of all. We should have total belief in our choices. Since we have already taken into account all of the world’s suggestions, only our heart can provide us with enough strength to bear the consequence of taking a choice.

Finally, once taken a path we should be strong and bear the consequences without guilt and attachment to path. We can take only one choice at a moment in time and not other. Ruing later that we could have taken the other choice, we only belittle ourselves and our decisions.

So once we have taken a path with open mind and consenting heart, we should never regret afterwards.

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