Five Essential characterstics of an entrepreneur

by Ashvini on August 15, 2010 · 1 comment

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It is not easy being an entrepreneur. Right from the word you have started developing your idea, you are faced with problems and people with problems. The journey to achieving with entrepreneur dreams is full of hurdles and you need to develop the skills and stamina to face them. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I have faced tremendous problems and learned from them. I have compiled a list that can help you see through those difficult times.

  1. As an  entrepreneur, you have to be brave:
  2. I encountered many hurdles on my entrepreneurial journey. There were times, when I though I should quit. But holding on, when things are not going my way is the biggest thing I have learned.

  3. You have to be thick skinned
  4. To be thick skinned is to have the ability to hold yourself against negative criticism and unwanted opinions. Trust me, they will come in many forms such as ‘I told you so’, ‘It cannot be done’, ‘No one will buy it’. You need to stand ground and let the criticism not affect you.

  5. You should be ready to learn new skills
  6. There is not a day in my life, since I left my job to become an entrepreneur, that I have not learned a new skill. Learning new skills is essential requirement to get your project going and you should not be shy of that.

  7. You have to be a quick thinker
  8. You have to take many decisions everyday. The earlier the start of your venture, the more of the decisions you have to make. You will probably not find much time to ponder over consequences ( unless it is legal or governmental, where you should talk to experts).

  9. You will have to become a problem solver
  10. When I was starting my business venture faced a host of  issues, which I needed to resolve. There were friends and family to help but my enterprise problems were my own. From finding out how to do better advertising, cutting down on printing cost and finding a better way to back up my data, I solved problems everyday. You will have also to become a problem solver without lingering on it for a long time. Remember, time is not on your side and you have act fast.

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Veronica Cervera December 8, 2011 at 9:51 am

A lot of people want to become entrepreneurs but lack the vision. Some don’t even know what kind of company or business they want to be involved in. This may be a little dangerous. One has got to wait for the calling and continue looking for their passion before entering into this game.

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