Are entrepreneurs born or made?

by Ashvini on August 16, 2010

in Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is one who has a “habit” to go against the conventional business, put his reputation and money on line and be dedicated to a cause. In most of the cases, people who ordinarily do not conform to societal rules and hierarchies and ready to take risk are the ones who will become entrepreneurs. This means that entrepreneurs are probably born with these characteristics. They hold strong opinions on something and are generally the ones who stick to their thinking.

But many times, changes in circumstances can lead to entrepreneurship. For e.g. a person who is in financial problem would like to augment his income by starting a side business. Or a person who just lost his job and does not want to go back to corporate world will look to start a venture of his own.

The factor more important in the born or made equation is temperament. If a person conditions himself to learn about entrepreneurship, learns the necessary skills and is not afraid of making mistakes, he can be classified as a budding entrepreneur. The inborn talent can be never be replicated but with good application of principles of entrepreneurship, anyone can be an entrepreneur. That is why I called entrepreneurship a habit. A habit can be cultivated with enough discipline.

Here are some of things that I can see distinctly in an entrepreneur

  1. Discipline to get things done

  2. Calculated risk taking abilities

  3. Thinking out of the box

  4. Flexibility and adaptability

  5. Leadership

  6. Customer Focus

  7. Tendency to learn

  8. Hard work

  9. People orientation

  10. Commitment to goal

I think that these things can either be inborn or can be learned with enough commitment. (So is the question if Entrepreneurs are born or made is relevant?)

What do you think? Please comment and let me know.

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