Lessons on Leadership from Nelson Mandela – Invictus Part 2

by Ashvini on August 20, 2010

in Leadership

In continuation of Lessons on leadership from Nelson Mandela, as depicted in Movie ‘Invictus’.

  1. Leaders sometimes show unexpected gratitude:
  2. During a rugby match, Mandela enters the stadium to greet the African team. His advisors point out that not many people are waving the new national flag. He is not worried. On the way back out of the stadium, he suddenly takes a turn, goes inside the crowd and congratulates a man who is waving the national flag. The man is overwhelmed that the President has met him and thanked him. Showing unexpected gratitude for a job well done enhances the leaders image and fills the employees/followers with joy.

  3. Leaders are not afraid to stand for just cause:
  4. When the team was about to be dissolved because of bad performance, Mandela reached the committee on the spot and convinced people not to that. He knew that he was going against the popular wisdom( backed by hurtful past) but he instead used his charm and persuasion for people to see the point.

  5. Finally.Leaders follow the heart:
  6. Mandela wanted to see a united Africa. An Africa, free of prejudices and hate. An Africa for everyone, white, black, Indians, Africans everyone. How many leaders with a so great vision we see today. There are thousands of ways to divide people but very few to unite. Everyone suffers from misery at one point or the other. How do we develop compassion to see others misery is important. A great leader like Mandela has already been there. Let us follow his example to get success in life.

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