Funny comments that you would hear if you were an entrepreneur Part 1

Every entrepreneur would have received his "quota" of advices and suggestions from everyone he/she knows.  It  pays to be thick skinned and take the comments in stride. Here is a list of some of such  advices and suggestions that either were given to me or I overheard from a coversation. "I told you so" ( I was not listening I am sorry ) "It cannot be done" ( That is what people told to almost every inventor) "No one will buy your product" ( buying is a function of marketing and advertising. I may sell a lousy products. Look around!!) "Don't leave your job" ( Never be an entrepreneur !!!) "Its a big risk" ( Driving is too!! Don't drive!! Sit at home!!) "I cannot take such a risk" (I am happy with peanuts. I don't want to work more than I can) "Why should anyone buy from you? I can get it from this place ( or this place)?" ( Am I even targeting you? ;) )