Funny comments that you would hear if you were an entrepreneur Part 2

by Ashvini on August 22, 2010 · 1 comment

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In continuation from “Part 1

“We get such ideas almost daily” ( From a VC) ( All ideas are assumed to be the same!! Another brick in the wall)

“Your plan lacks this and this” ( Just say you don’t want to invest!)

“I have plenty of ideas but don’t know which one to start with” ( Welcome confusedo Da Vinci!)

“When my kid asks for a candy, I ask him what he has done to earn it” ( First of all, don’t be harsh of that kid and second entrepreneurs are not your children)

“Where is the market for this Sir?” ( Ask the inventor of mineral water. He was asked this all the time)

“I feel facebook is a waste of time” ( When asked if the VC could fund a facebook like idea)

“We invest in profitable companies” ( Better invest in public stocks. Which entrepreneur is profitable in a few years?)

“We want an exit in 1, 3 or 5 years” ( Err… Sir, I planned to be profitable by year six!)

“Can I hire a team with angel investor money?” ( Agent: Are you a Russian?  Evelyn Salt: No, I enjoy burger )

“We are the best company for SEO and SEM” ( Can I have some keywords to eat please ?)

“Should I do MBA to become entrepreneur?” ( What??? )

“Do a SWOT analysis” ( What ???)

“I want to offer low cost services” (Get going Kamikaze, people/companies are offering them free)

“Whole world is my market” ( Yeah and my products is not sold in this world)

“We will offer lower prices than our giant competitor” ( Angelfish eating a shark? A mysterious case that never happened )

And a few funny ones

“Your wife will not support you for long” ( she found another man while you were too busy with your venture!)

“Buy a house now” ( and destroy all your dreams of doing something!)

Not that I did not get positive comments too. Here are some of them  ( from close friends and family)

“I am proud of you”

“Its great that you are doing something different”

“Give it a try I don’t mind failure and losing some money” ( my wife’s response to the funny comment)

So you got any advice or suggestion that you care to share here?

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Veronica Cervera December 18, 2011 at 4:49 am

I wish this could be heard more frequently – “Give it a try I don’t mind failure and losing some money”. This is what’s it all about. We tend to be concerned too much about losing money. Real entrepreneurs are adventurous enough to go for what they want regardless if they make money or not. It’s the journey that counts.

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