Top five reasons for downfall of a leader

Success changes everything. The world looks up to a successful person with eyes wide open. A successful person is revered like no one else. Success is also like wine based on Shakespeare's comment. He said and I quote "Wine increase desire while decreases performance". Too much wine makes one low on performance. Too much of success is also bad. There are various instances of people who have held moral high grounds on the way up, only to lose and fall down as fast as gravity could afford. There are many reasons why a successful person is most likely to make mistakes and lose his leadership position. It is very difficult to regain reputation and success once lost. If you are a leader, CEO or any other senior manager, it is important to guard yourself against the following habits.
  1. People are scared more and  motivated less by you
  2. That clearly shows that you have turned an authoritarian rather than a consensus man. People now do work because they fear you and not because they are motivated. Hence they are not at their productive best and are not inspired. Be careful when that starts happening. You will not know when are caught by the 'authority bug'.
  3. You receive more and more of 'Yes Sir'
  4. If you hear 'Yes Sir' most of the times when you are asking for opinions, then either your opinions are great or people just want to be in your good books. It should raise a flag in your mind when you stop receiving opinions and suggestions because people might be shirking from voicing them.
  5. Most of your time is spent in media coverages
  6. Once successful, you become a darling of media. If you have phenomenal success, you get into limelight, party with high society and live with media. This is not necessarily a bad thing if done in moderation. However, too much of it will make you lose focus on important tasks or preparing your company for future. Prioritizing and making sure all tasks get equal importance will help you keep on your toes.
  7. Earning Profit has surpassed everything else
  8. You are successful and want to earn more. In fact earning is the only consideration now. Employee welfare, customer satisfaction, planning for future have all gone down the drain. The motive is clear and it is 'Get me money'. The problem with this is that it focuses organization to abandon all other things and focus only on money. It may lead to long term troubles like dissatisfied and demotivated workforce and poor productivity leading to lower quality product.
  9. There are large number of people leaving your organization
  10. A big red flag. If you employees are leaving, it is bad. If they are leaving for your competition, it is worse. It means something that was once right has gone wrong. Maybe they are demotivated, stressed out and underpaid. Also it indicates that people are not inspired by your leadership anymore. Time to do something drastic and bring things back on track lest you lose competitive advantage.