How a repeat customer can help you?

by Ashvini on September 6, 2010 · 1 comment

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Customers are mainstay of any business. A repeat customer is the best thing a company can have. Repeat customers increase brand image, bring more business and generally advertise your business for free.

  1. Repeat customers bring more business
  2. It is a no-brainer. A repeat customer knows the value of the the product that you provide and price that you ask for it. Since he/she knows she is getting a good deal, she will come back for more.

  3. Repeat customers are your brand ambassadors
  4. Repeat customers will talk about your services, how they like your products, your attention to them. Repeat customers are like the advertisers that charge no money while they talk about you,your brand and your good behavior with them. It pays to keep the repeat customer happy.

  5. Repeat customers bring more customers
  6. Since they talk about your business to almost everyone they meet, they tend to generate curiosity about your company. This may help to attract more prospects to your business.

  7. You can plan things with repeat customers
  8. For e.g., some of the repeat customers would like to be addressed by the first name. Some of them would like to be quickly shown the products. If you carefully analyze and record these insteractions, you can provide them a very good experience which can make them happy to do more business with you.

  9. Repeat customer are more forgiving
  10. If sometimes , you slip up or make a mistake, repeat customers are more willing to forgive you. You should quickly make amends and keep them happy.

  11. Repeat customer mean you have a successful strategy
  12. Try to determine what makes them come back to you. Is it the price? Is it the value? Is it the location of your store? Try to make things more easier for them once you find the reason.

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Veronica Cervera November 15, 2011 at 5:21 pm

It’s quite an exhilarating experience to have a customer come back due to satisfaction of services rendered. I think it’s very important to study the reasons why customers come back. If one does not know why the customer keeps coming back, I’m not sure if they will be able to figure out how to retain them.

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