Entrepreneur vs manager debate is overdone

by Ashvini on September 12, 2010

in Management

Entrepreneur vs manager

is a hot topic, no doubt.But I think these two terms are not  different but complimentary and the debate is overdone, The difference is only when when a person is managing a team or a department in a large enterprise. He/she will have to follow established procedures and will normally not have enough maneuvering to try out something new.
However,  for an entrepreneur, there is no such term such as “vs”.

As per Wikipedia.org  a manager is a “A person whose job is to manage something”. A manager needs to control costs, drive sales and look at the operations while keeping the customer happy , employees motivated and superiors interested.

But isn’t that what entrepreneurs need to do as well?

An entrepreneur needs to manage everything and be exceptionally good at that( because he has lesser resources compared to manager of a large organization). He needs to keep all the parameters in check while making sure that his venture is doing well. Entrepreneur  needs to develop more management skills and not less. Let us take a look a few of them.

  • Motivating employees
  • Managing costs
  • Managing expectations ( venture capitalists, subordinates, customers etc)
  • Increasing sales
  • Maintaining operational efficiency

However if you are still not convinced here is what I think on Entrepreneur vs manager differences


So an entrepreneur needs to be a manager as well.

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