“Excuses” They will permanently hold you back

Have you ever observed, if you ever place a query that questions people's assumption, they start ducking and running for cover. I have met a number of people who,I would call 'Handicapped by choice'. They have chosen not to give their best, blame the world for all their problems and always beat around the bush. I feel that most of the problems are created inside our brain. Here is a list of excuses given by people who feel that they are 'inadequate' about doing something. "I think it cannot be done" "I don't have money" "I don't have time" "He is too wealthy, I cannot ever earn so much" See "excuses". Excuses to keep ourselves out of trouble. Excuses to avoid making efforts to learning. Excuses to avoid taking any risk. People are so engrossed in their daily lives, that they do not have time to think about what they are living for. When I talk to them, I am presented with another set of arguments. "Great people did not have to worry about family". "Those times were different" When are the times same? All the periods are unique and present unique challenges to us and the society. Great people were not great because they starved their children to death but because they preserved in-spite of odd. Doing things differently is not easy and hence people look for excuses to avoid them at all costs. There is a great video by Seth Godin, who talks about lizard brain that is still functioning in human body. As a progressive step we have developed the intelligent brain but our lizard brain takes over the moment we are faced with difficult situations. One of my recommendation is to calm it down or at least take steps towards controlling it. It will be a small step to separate yourself from the herd.
Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain on Vimeo - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.