101 things to do when you are an entrepreneur

by Ashvini on October 5, 2010

in Entrepreneurship

  1. Learn a new thing everyday
  2. Create a team
  3. Motivate your team
  4. Learn to Blog
  5. Talk about your experiences
  6. Learn finance
  7. Network
  8. Learn about social marketing
  9. Create a good looking business card
  10. Create a great product
  11. Add up one thing at a time
  12. Know your competition
  13. Learn about your industry
  14. Give interviews to media
  15. Find a mentor
  16. Learn from the mentor
  17. Learn to keep your cash flow in control
  18. Make customer happy
  19. Concentrate on 20% of your customers
  20. Read everything you can on entrepreneurship
  21. Destroy what you create
  22. Learn to create from destruction
  23. Take advice
  24. Take suggestions
  25. Give suggestions
  26. Set up a business strategy
  27. Set up a marketing strategy
  28. Have lots of fun while you are at it
  29. Do SWOT analysis everyday
  30. Cut down on meetings
  31. Meet people who you can work with
  32. Ask them to join you
  33. Ask if you can join them
  34. Look out for excessive cost
  35. Dream big
  36. Share the dream with everyone
  37. Say no to nay-sayers
  38. Say yes to constructive criticism
  39. Learn to write proposal
  40. Learn to negotiate
  41. Involve everyone
  42. Look at the bright side
  43. Give time to family and friends
  44. Learn presentation skills
  45. Go to entrepreneurial conferences
  46. Build great systems
  47. Benchmark
  48. Be the best
  49. Find your niche
  50. Learn the industry best practices
  51. Add value to your product
  52. Celebrate with happy customers
  53. Ask feedback
  54. Ask for recommendations
  55. Celebrate with employees
  56. Don’t despair
  57. Be open to new ideas
  58. Respect everyone’s point of view
  59. Sing a marketing song
  60. Question all assumptions
  61. Create a community
  62. Write a great post in your blog
  63. Give something for free
  64. Improve your logo
  65. Use less colors
  66. Advertise using all means
  67. Find innovative advertising methods
  68. Read books about entrepreneurs
  69. Find sources of money
  70. Make the first hundred ($ or Euro or whatever)
  71. Work hard
  72. Work smart
  73. Give to charity ( whatever you can)
  74. Be vocal about your product
  75. Create amazing demos
  76. Find a brand ambassador
  77. Find a brand ambassador who would advertise for free ( you customer that is)
  78. Create a niche
  79. Compete in general category
  80. Question conventional wisdom
  81. Prepare for investor’s question
  82. Play on your strengths
  83. Downplay your weaknesses
  84. Make a compelling story
  85. Keep PPT simple
  86. Create a press release
  87. Discount your product for a short time
  88. Give your product free for a short time
  89. Think of creative ways to market your product
  90. Keep a task list
  91. Follow up on that task list
  92. Delegate whatever you can
  93. Be fearless
  94. Thank customers who come to you
  95. Thank customers who show interest
  96. Everyone hat looks at your product is a lead
  97. Every lead is an opportunity
  98. Every opportunity is an order
  99. Have clear cut refund policies
  100. Have clear warranty conditions
  101. Live your day to the fullest

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