Can principles of weightlifting be applied to life ?

I believe life should be lived as if you are in a gym weightlifting. You will then ask "What do you mean?". Have you ever tried weightlifting, not the heavy ones but the ones you are comfortable with. How does it feel overtime? Yesterday's weight of five kilograms seems so lesser in comparison to 15 kilograms of today ( or your own weight lifting figures). What is that makes us stronger day by day? It is all about liking the repetition. Seriously. Ask a newcomer to gym, what he would like to do ? He wants to lift 100kgs to show off. Can he pull it off? No way. If he tries hard, he will be out of action for days. Serious gym goers know that the only way to reach top is to go through the grind. Do the same weights for days with no visible improvements. And when you decide to give up, you suddenly find that you can lift your target weight with so much ease. For life, if we add small bits everyday without worrying about if they are actually providing results, we can accomplish a lot. Doing the same thing again and again sounds boring but the results ultimately add up. So if you are composing a tune, writing an application, developing a blog etc. and are worrying about lack of success, its time to apply the weightlifting principal.