Are you irritating your customers with too much advertising?

by Ashvini on November 27, 2010 · 2 comments

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I remember one incident about a movie being advertised big time. It was everywhere, the shopping places, cinema halls, TV. You mention it and it was there. I was getting tired of seeing the ads everywhere. So upon entering a mall, I decided to ignore the ads as if it would make some meaning to keeping a control on what can affect me. So I decided to look down and walk. You could not imagine that the ads were on the floor too. It made me really furious and I told myself never to watch any movie from that production houses.

Fortunately the movie flopped very badly and I never heard or saw anything related to it after that.

We are constantly bombarded by advertising and marketing. It is like the Indian term ‘Tamasha’ all around us. Instead of enticing us with fantastic product quality and exceptional service, every advertiser wants to proclaim that its products are  cheap, endorsed by everyone and loved by all.  I do not think that they get the message.

In today’s world full of hyperactivity, it is not required to create a campaign to entice the customer. The messages travel at the speed of light and all news good or bad can spread faster than ever before. Too much advertising indicates that the brand is trying to hardsell itself.

One might notice however that there are a large number of brands which do not want to become the ‘in-thing’ and not only sell to ‘The youth’. No doubt youth is the biggest market but they are the most distracted too. If I was an advertiser, I would focus on a group that do not have short attention span and listen eagerly to what I was saying. Of course I need to be honest and truthful about what I was offering.

Internet advertising is also a great way to annoy the users. Those shiny moving ads that appear on every page will make users want to get out the website faster than one can imagine. Another way to annoy users is to send them newsletters after newsletters reminding that they have only five days before the offer expires. People are intelligent enough to see the hidden message. It reduces brand’s reputation and image. One more way is to direct visitors to an ad page before they are shown the information. This only adds to the visitor’s irritation and a feeling that his or her time is being wasted.

Television is also one medium where we are constantly bombarded by ads  and we have to watch because we have to finish that episode. Throw too much ads and people will start to ignore them or switch to another channel.

I agree that advertising is essential to catch attention but it could be done on a much simpler, lesser intrusive way rather than ‘where you go, I will be there’ approach. Advertising should reinforce the message and never  force users to take notice. Advertising should be about how a person benefits from using the product and not to induce him to buy things he does not want.

In my opinion, advertising should appeal to desires and not to the greedy or fearful part of mind ( ‘you want a great house’ vs ‘This is the last house we will ever make hurry’). Advertising should play for long rather than short. It should bring out positives, the good feeling that comes along when you buy a particular product.

The reason to tone down the advertising and keeping it real is very much real. Unethical and distasteful advertising is creating huge social issues such as rise of obesity due to promotion of food that is harmful or in other cases selling of apartments that have been built after destroying lakes and naturally beautiful areas.

What do you think? Is too much advertising good or bad for your business? And how it can be done in a correct and ethical manner?

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Aswani December 1, 2010 at 12:22 pm

Excellent article. I couldn’t have agreed more on it. is very much the same. Too much of anything looks bad and the same goes for these ads. It is so frustrating to see these ads at inappropriate places and time. Especially TV ads…huh !! Ads on web pages don’t frustrate much as it is up to us to let them run or not. We can simply disable it. But at times we cannot do anything and we are just left with anger and frustration. Ads on webpages look good if its related to the theme of the page. Also instead of placing ads all over, one should place them at appropriate places like sidebar of the page. TV ads today are far more frustrating in comparison to internet ads. It needs to be more meaningful and real as you have said. Need to keep it less yet very appealing to make maximum impact on viewers.

Ashvini Kumar Saxena December 1, 2010 at 4:26 pm

I agree that ADS are necessary and in my opinion they should be subtle and not overly conspicuous. Your comment was really good and insightful. Thanks

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