What will change this year?

Well the new year is upon us. We are already five days into it. Party is over and we are back to work. Its time to do take up new resolutions. Resolutions that we can keep. If your resolution is to lose twenty kilograms of weight in one month, best of luck, you will not make it. But make a realistic resolution and you lose it in next six months. That was an example not an advice, not a suggestion ;). We are all free to set our own targets. I am sure that more people this year will follow their hearts and would do the unthinkable( i.e. not sail for India) but become entrepreneurs. More people will finally decide that it is time to take the plunge and never later. More people this year will go out and form alliances with others. More people will seek information on how to make them independent. More people will leave cushy job and great cabins and slog for much much lesser money this year. They will do so because an inner voice will tell them that they are born to pursue their desires and not what someone or society has set upon them. A banker will leave his job to become a photographer. He will finally catch that shot of the flying exotic bird or rare tigers. A doctor will decide to venture into designing websites. A corporate CEO will start a fund to help entrepreneurs do the work, he could not do. New products will be launched this year. People will blog things about new trends. New trends will surface killing some old ones. Evolution will weed out deadwood. Old order will collapse, new will rise. Some people will ride on these ideas to become billionaires. Even if they could not, they will feel the satisfaction of having been there, done that. They will be more wiser than they were in last year. Many people will try to attempt things that have never been attempted. Many will stop them from doing those. Many will encourage them. Be happy, if you are one of the above, or at some stage of entrepreneurship, that I talked about. You are on the edge of the history. You will not only be impacted by changes in technology but also makeĀ  a long lasting impact on it. And for a particular resolution, I will write my next post ;). Thanks for reading