The strange case of Customer (dis)satisfaction – part 2

Continuing from The strange case of Customer (dis)satisfaction - part 1 The situation was getting out of hand. Then a little later, we found out that the employees of the PM ( product maker) too were present at the shop. We informed them that we have been mis-sold by  the RS. The employee looked at me , smiled and said. "Don't worry Sir, we will do something about it" That statement was comforting and I felt my anger reducing. The employees made a few calls and got back to us. He said that I could run the new device using a USB stick and if I call the Call Center, they would send additional 60 GB hard disk . He gave me his number and we parted on good terms. Back at home, I was able to install everything with some difficulty. However, everything that the PM's employee told us was true.  I thought that there are so many lessons that can be learned from that situation
  1. Do not sell a product if you are not sure what it does or how it works. You might be causing more harm than usual
  2. Do not send customer to feedback form section when she is genuinely complaining about lack of good service
  3. Be a problem solver. A customer would love to hear words "I am going to solve your problem whatever it takes
  4. Create that organization which stands behind the employees to provide the best possible service. I am now fond of the PM company but not very fond of the retailer because of the way processes of PM are customer centric
  5. Encourage your employees to provide a contact number preferably theirs. It provides a personal touch that thousand of hours of advertising cannot get
  6. Finally, comfort the customer when they are jittery. A cool head and problem solving approach is the best way forward