The strange case of Customer (dis)satisfaction – part 1

I would like to recall an incident from the last weekend. My wife and I went to an electronic retailer shop. Let us call it RS(Retailer shop). While moving around various aisles, we made a discovery that about a new product launched by a company (PM let us say) It caught our eye instantly. The best part was that a part of new product  worked with an older version of the product.

We started talking about the product with a manager from the RS.

“Would it work with the older version?”

“Oh Yes”. He said confidently

“Can you please explain, how?”

It seems product was new and the manager did not have sufficient knowledge about it.

His committed a big mistake next. He said it would work. We just need a memory upgrade.

“Fine , we do have enough memory we can use” I told him.

We happily took the part of the product to home, and connected it with our older version  product. To our horror, it did not work. The update could not be done as we had lesser memory than required.

We were disappointed and went searching for memory in various shops nearby. Alas,  none of the shop had any spare memory.

We marched back to the shop, called the manager and complained to him about the whole incident.

One of the staff annoyed us further when he told us to fill a feedback form for  raising a complaint. Things were going out of the hand,suddenly something happened.

Don’t worry , it has a happy ending and a lesson for wannabe entrepreneurs and large companies as well.  Read Part 2

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