Does your employee love his/her job as he/she loves his home?

My apartment's security services company was fired last week and replaced by new company. This was because the ownership of the apartment passed from the builder to the housing society( a very common term in India). I am feeling a little blue because of that change. Previous security personnels were good acquaintance. They not only provided good security, but also interacted with the families living in the apartment building. It was a delight to watch them behaving so well yet maintain the discipline needed to maintain the security. Whenever I walked to the gate, they never forgot to greet me. If I gave them any instruction it was followed. The new security is still to fit in my heart and mind. They may be professional but that personal touch is missing. The earlier security worked in the same building for last ten years. Now they are gone. As I know, they are looking for new jobs. Those were the guys that made the place livable. I knew that their employer treated them well. They consider their job as if they were working at their homes. I would love to have such an employer who makes me comfortable and accepted. Alas there are very few of them. The important lesson is that you have achieved the highest level of employee satisfaction when employees love the job just like they love their homes. I have seen many examples of this. Also please keep in mind that it does not come only with doling high salary.