Top office productivity killers and how to avoid them

Employees are the biggest asset of a company. A happy productive employee works as a smooth gear in the company machinery. It makes a lot of sense to provide employees the best environment in order to get maximum efficiency.

Unfortunately, scant attention is paid to the employee productivity. This happens because employees are not seen as assets but instead by names such as ‘resources’. The employee productivity is bogged down by reckless, ill thought management policies, processes and decisions.

For e.g.,in the management’s eyes, employees frittering away time on social network sites is typically a waste but crazy processes that do not serve any purpose are not.

In order to get high productivity, it is important to observe some events that occur below the radar but hurt more than those that are conspicuous. Let us look at some of the ways, these events destroy productivity more than the others.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No. 1 ->Slow and unresponsive networks

  • An office network that is slow and unresponsive is the biggest impediment to high productivity. Slow networks cause application crashes leading to loss of unsaved work. Slow network lead to higher frustration, longer working hours and drop in efficiency. So install a high quality network in office.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No 2 -> Unnecessary distractions

  • Too many meetings, general emails from various departments and conference calls make people feel important but actually takes time away from necessary activities. It has been proven that the employee productivity is highest when there are long periods of uninterrupted work. If you observe that there are too many distractions in office , make effort to reduce them as much as possible

  • Top Office Productivity killer No.3 ->Poor lightning and seating conditions

  • Broken chairs, non-ergonomic tables are serious health hazards. Employees using these chairs and tables are more troubled by the backaches rather than concentrating on the work. Replace or repair the broken office furniture as soon as possible.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No 4 ->Unnecessary processes

  • If in order to get a small pencil an employee has to fill up five forms, he would prefer not asking for it at all. Forms are for government and it loves us when we fill them in duplicate and triplicate. But a company is not like a government.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No 5 ->Not enough cafeteria/food services

  • If there are no good food joints/ cafeterias available in or near the office, employees will walk hundreds of meters before they find something to eat. In the process, an employee will waste hours on getting there, having food and coming back to office. If possible get good food in office or have a better cafeteria. You will be surprised by how much you save.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No 6 ->Restricting access to internet

    • to search solutions for the problems they are working on,
    • do small tasks such as paying bills online for which they will have to go out of the office
    • Engage in a little bit of distraction when using social networking sites
  • This is the most stupid thing to do in my opinion. It is like cutting off employees from communicating with the world. Agreed that some employees misuse the internet services but most of them use internet

    So imagine your employee going to pay water bill physically because he forgot to do it at his home. How much time would be lost ? Avoid restricting internet.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No 7 ->An extremely disciplined environment

  • Today’s generation want to have fun while working. Too many controls on what they can or not do actually dampens the work environment. If possible allow people to have fun within acceptable limits in office.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No 8 ->Having offices far away from cities

  • If the employee is so far from office that it takes four hours to commute to the workplace, then it will eat into productivity. So either take an office closer to the city or at least find a place that has a great transportation service to the city.

  • Top Office Productivity killer No 9 ->Unfriendly policies

  • Inadequate compensation, too many formalities, irrelevant processes take a huge toll on employee productivity. The processes should be kept as simple as possible. Approval work-flows should be reduced as far as possible.

I hope you like the points I mentioned here and would utilize them to make your workplace a better workplace for your employees.

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