Perceptions are only substitutes for reality

by Ashvini on January 27, 2011 · 2 comments

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An entrepreneur should know how to reject the world around her. Perceptions of failure are so strong that it is not impossible to get troubled or depressed.

Winning the day

Perception is the reality we create. It is not absolute. It is just a substitute. It is a thing that people use to understand the world.

Perception is subjective and changes with time. When you see someone become successful when you thought all the time he could not, you change your perception.

Human perception is loaded towards failure away from the risk, to get everything in a pattern and in a easy way. Rebels are fools. Thinkers are outcasts. People who work at their own pace find world leaving them behind. Everything we want is right here, right now.

All the things you see around you today are human endeavors. Someone would have thought of fire while sitting in a cave while many around would be scared of even the thought.

Even something simple like light bulb would not have been possible if perceptions mattered to Edison. He tried 10000 times before he could achieve it.

Follow your path, blaze the trail , change the perceptions. You will have setbacks but at least a better story to tell. That is a reward in itself.

Tom Petty :- No I won’t back down

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