Top ways how to annoy your customer the most

[caption id="attachment_1445" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Go ahead annoy me"][/caption] Go Blizzard
  1. Make them stand in long queues
  2. Then offer them membership program for a fee
  3. Put them on an IVR with so many combinations that they dial out
  4. Make them feel that doing business with you is a privilege
  5. Send them mails even after they have long unsubscribed
  6. Do not deliver on time, every time
  7. Pursue them religiously to sign up for membership when they are busy shopping
  8. Call them everyday even if their number is not on do not dial list
  9. Up-sell relentlessly
  10. Charge for the service center calls
  11. Create products that are not well tested
  12. Put annoying popup ads
  13. Use your monopoly to charge them very high
  14. Give them a product but charge for every addon that makes using the product simple
  15. Create terrible user documentation
  16. Create incredibly confusing menus in the software
  17. When they are leaving the site, show a popup "Wait there is more"
  18. Put them through processes that do not concern them
  19. Treat them bad because they have no choice(for now )
  20. Get in new customers for free for your service while old pay a fee
  21. I did not know I have had so much bad experiences ;)