Do you(or anyone else) know your hidden target segment?

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An entrepreneur is often worried about his target market.His/her mind is occupied about capturing market he/she knows. The world however has many other parameters however to determine the target market. A case in the point would be social networking sites. It is often assumed that spending too much time on social networking sites is a bad thing. That it breeds loneliness, it destroys relationships and everything else that was left in human morality. Most members of older generation scoff at use of websites such as twitter, facebook and others. However it seems that these sites are indeed a change agent. Thousands of discussions on a particular topic or product have shaped opinions. Recent political unrest in some of the countries in the world, in fact started first here. The creator of these sites would have never thought about this target market. When the social sites were created, the topmost thing in the creator's mind would have been about "break up status messages". That their product can be used for social uprising was hardly unknown and un-understood. If you are in the process of creating a product, in my opinion, create it well. Do not worry about target market. No research can unlock all the hidden target market. You will be surprised at the ways your product may be used. Sometimes it will be totally contradictory to your thought. So think about target market but do not obsess over it. But never forget to create a good product.