How much entrepreneur make a year?

How much an entrepreneur make a year ? The question is very simple, the answer slightly difficult. The point of being an entrepreneur after all is to earn something and pay the bills. Depending on your business you may earn billions of dollars or nothing. An artist, when he starts to do things that he likes, he is not worried about his how much his art would fetch. A genuine musician dreams for a concert of his own one day but never makes music today for that concert. A sports player has an eye for the Olympics but his main concentration is first improving upon himself. A true journalist investigates for the sake of investigation. A true blogger writes what he likes. It is not to say do not have an eye for earning. After all earning makes the business run. However when you do things you like,  you earn after a really long long time. If you want to earn now, get a job. It will pay next month. If you want to be an entrepreneur or artist or blogger for that matter, you will have to wait for some more time. Till that time enjoy your journey.