Repeat Customer strategy is just a handshake away

Getting a repeat customer is not difficult. Infact getting a repeat customer is just a handshake away. Keeping the customer coming back ( repeating) is not difficult. Just a little nice talk, a warm smile and a caring attitude can win more customers than thousands of dollars advertising can. This is relevant to the businesses who do not have marketing muscles when compared to a big competitor. I often repeat my restaurant. When people talk about new restaurants that have come up in the city, I draw a blank. I develop a fondness for a restaurant when I am recognized there. This is one of the strategy applied by many restaurants and clubs. It helps them to bring the customer again and again to their door step.I get a handshake when I enter my favourite restaurant. It is important to let your customers know that you care and also you want them to do business with them. It might be occasionally that you might get a difficult customer but most of the time you will get same customers coming back. Easy and simple.