Do you hate grunt work?

Its sexy to call yourself an entrepreneur. It makes you stand out from the crowd. It gives you status that is different from other people. It is good however till reality hits home. Entrepreneurs are obsessed with projects, their product development and satisfying the customers. It is actually very glamorous work and gives someone enough to brag about.

However most of the entrepreneurs hate "Grunt Work".

Here are some of the examples of grunt work
  1. Keeping track of employees holidays

  2. Filing taxes on time

  3. Doing the paperwork to get clearances

  4. Keeping track of bank account statements

  5. Commenting on others blogs

  6. Learning anything that is outside our domain

  7. Getting the office cleaned and tidied

  8. Dealing with dissatisfied customers

  9. Doing any other repeating work

Beware that entrepreneurship is not only doing "right sexy work" like designing, meeting customers or giving interviews to media. It is also about the grunt work that keeps the things going  everyday. It is about complete package of managing things that are too boring, yet need to be done. It is about the fact that only 10% of what you do is glamorous while 90% is still the boring work that you hated in your job. It is about creating the right attitude.