Hey is that your monkey?

In corporate world, there is a term called as passing a monkey. It is about how skillfully you can duck a problem ( or a monkey ) that gets thrown down your way either by management or your coworker. It is reasoned that monkey should be passed on as soon as possible because if you try to feed the monkey( or solves the problem) you are hit by 1) More monkeys 2) Your monkey gets so much bigger than you can't feed it anymore A monkey will attract more monkeys and soon you are going to be flooded with them. So the best idea is to send the monkey back to where it came from or on some other poor guy who cannot pass it further. Innovation however cannot be done by passing the monkey. If you pass the monkey not only the product is shoddy but also it does not perform as required. Innovation means someone stepping up and is willing to take monkeys and feed them properly. Corporate culture however discourages rewarding person who takes care of monkey but saddles him with more monkeys.