Strategy is different from tactics

Strategy is different from tactics. While tactics are the individual actions that you take to thwart a competition, strategy is planning of using  those tactics. If the difference is not clear let us take examples
  1. Your plan of becoming number one in your category is strategy while the actions that you take to become number  one are tactics
  2. Getting your blog to high ranks is strategy while commenting on others blog is a tactic
  3. Conquering a war is a strategy while where to place the troops is tactical
  4. Marketing is strategy while selling is a tactic
  5. Winning the market share is a strategy while advertising and promotions is tactical.
So as you can see tactics is the actual action while the strategy is the plan to achieve certain objectives. It is very easy to confuse strategy with tactics. A lot of new businesses and bloggers trying to learn ways of marketing confuse tactics with strategy.  For e.g. commenting on others blogs so as to get traffic for yourself is considered as good strategy even though it is a tactic. For a new business these are the tactics
  1. Advertising your new products - Winning the market for new product
  2. Distributing discount coupons - Getting a larger marketshare
  3. Sharing your post on social media sites - Making the blog popular strategy
  4. Google Keyword research - Making the blog popular strategy
  5. Attacking a segment is tactical - Getting a larger marketshare
  6. Selling your products through affiliates is tactical - Increasing sales strategy.
(Strategy is in bold) Why is it important to segregate strategy from tactic? A tactic should never be confused with strategy. Strategy helps you to attain your objectives and tactics are tools of it. Sometime confusing tactics to strategy, we may lose the overall picture of our business and where it stands.