Diversification or Diworsification?

by Ashvini on May 7, 2011 · 2 comments

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Diversification or Diworsification?

Yesterday while watching TV, I saw an advertisement about Dove.
Dove? The soap? You would ask and I say no Dove the Roll on.
Then I moved to the advertisement of Pizza Hut and what they were selling, only Pizza?No they were selling pasta with pizza. The golden goose is relegated to secondary status when more glamorous cousin Pasta takes center stage.
Then I saw Dettol’s ad. Imagine what was it about ? You guessed it right , it was about soap. Dettol as a soap? It was a bottle full of liquid that burns like hell and makes you cry when you put it on a wound. You hate dettol so much then that it makes an indelible mark on your mind.
So if Dettol comes up and says, I make a soap too, my first reaction would be “Ouch that would hurt on the body”.
Service industry is full of such long winded phrases.
Ask any company in IT industry, what do serve? Everything from Indian to continental to chinese.
Here are some more in a list.

  • What does TATA stand for ? For me TISCO the fantastic mining and steel company, TELCO the fantastic car company making Indica and probably TATA makes salt as well.
  • My local ice-cream vendor selling spicy food ?.
  • Blackberry phones for masses?
  • Sony is making anything other than walkman?
  • Microsoft in search engine?
  • Google in social media?
  • Facebook in contextual ads?
  • Apple in tablets ?( though they sell a lot of them but still they are a computer company)
  • Shell in retail?
  • A lot of companies buying in IPL teams?
  • Godrej in real estate?
  • Dell in Tablet?
  • Blackberry in Tablet?
  • Everyone in tablet?
  • McDonald selling ice cream?

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Aswani May 8, 2011 at 7:45 am

Very interesting Ashvini. And also very funny :D

I have never thought of the same but anyways, this is another reality we are befaced with. I think this has become necessity today as there is cut throat competition to remain at the top in the market. Other than this, what could be the reason for such scenario…!

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