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  1. Veronica Cervera
    October 25, 2011

    Self-motivated people continue to be motivated even if there’s nothing around them to be motivated about. These are the people who continue to do well even in the worse circumstances. These people are not that many so finding one may be very difficult. The next best thing to do is to probably create an environment in the organization that could spark their inner motivation – like teamwork, sense of contribution, and growth.

  2. Lynne Quintana
    June 17, 2011

    Great one! Self-motivation among the employees is not only important for the growth of the employee himself but is also a significant for the companys growth. It also provides a competitive advantage among employees.


  3. Sonia
    June 6, 2011

    Coming from the “Service industry” I know all too well about customer service. I will say from that side, it isn’t always a “cup of tea” either with customers, but I agree that having highly motivated employees can make your company stand out. On the consumer side, I am a stickler for customer service and if I am treated well I always tell everyone I know.

    Ten years ago I saw a video called, “Give them a pickle” and the one thing that stood out was how when we have a bad experience we tell every Tom, Dick and Harry about it, but how many good experiences do you tell. Does one out weigh the other?

    If you run a business, then you know 1st impressions are everything and if one employee throws off attitude to one customer it can turn a good relationship into a bad one. I used to work for a job a long time ago where our operator scared off so many customers that she was finally transferred to another department after a year of complaints! A year this person was allowed to answer the phone and time after time, customers were communicating that the person who answered the phone gave off such a bad impression that our regular customers threatened to go somewhere else.

    Were this person ever fired? Nope, but the good ones were. Where is the sense in that? Great post Ashvini!

  4. Aswani
    May 26, 2011

    A+++…very well written again. It does make a huge difference when you have self motivated employees and glad I am one of them ;)
    Great points…keep it up!

  5. Adam Paudyal
    May 18, 2011

    Spot on Ashvini. By the way, is it okay if I call you Ash from now on (O:

    Having highly motivated employee is what separates the good company from the crowd; especially nowadays when the competition to gain clients and customers is more fierce than ever. I love reading your personal stories here. And frankly, I wouldn’t mind paying couple of extra bucks in order to get a good customer service myself.

    I have a story to share but it is more about a collaborator rather than an employee. Well, they are both almost same anyway. During my freelancing days, I collaborated with a relative of mine. I paid him 50 % of the profits and things were working out real good..for couple of months that is…after that things started going downhill and it was a total disaster. I lost a lot of clients due to him. So, I really see the importance of a employee that goes above and beyond to please a client/customer.

    Later brother!

    • Ashvini Kumar Saxena
      May 19, 2011

      Hi Adam,

      You may call me Ash as well, no problem with that. Thanks for dropping by.

      I wonder why companies cannot or do not recognize such employees. I was one of them and I had to leave the job arena to start my own work because of lack of recognition from them.
      But I thank them for giving me enough strength to do that ;).
      A great employee is like gold to be treasured.

      Thanks and regards,

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