Good employee- What does it take for management to notice you?

This is the part of series of articles on "How to manage team effectively"

This topic was suggested very kindly by Carolyn from The wonder of Tech, an excellent blogger herself. If you want to suggest to me any topic, do contact me by clicking on contact link in the menu bar Employee often have the perception that it is the job of manager to manage him or her and not the vice versa. A manager is expected to resolve conflicts, track issues and manage employees. The employee meanwhile can continue doing his 9 to 5 job without worrying how the team is run and issues are resolved. However with changing dynamics of the workplace, employees are expected to do much more than their job roles. A simple job routine is no guarantee of a promotion. These days, employee needs to add value to the team . But how does an employee actually add value to the role? Here is how

Add value to even the smallest task

A energetic, motivated employee can add value to the smallest task that is at hand. In one of the teams I knew had to fill in the time sheet every month. Most the employees filled in the time-sheet with lazy effort while a few did with lot of effort. In the end the employees who did it right were appreciated by management. Consistently adding values is often noticed by management.
  • Add value to even smallest of the task
  • Consistently add value to tasks

Come up with a problem and a possible solution too

An assumed role for manager is to provide solution to the problems at hand. However they also sometimes wish that the employees too take a little bit of burden of solution. They prefer subordinates who do enough research about the problem and come up with solution before they approach the manager.
  • Research the solution and present to the management
  • Let manager decide the outcome

Share knowledge with your team

Management appreciates employees who, when they learned something new, share it with everyone in the team.  A good employee shares his knowledge with everyone.
  • Learn new things
  • Share with the team
  • Become a contact point for it

Create and implement best practice

A good employee not only generate the idea about doing something well but also help the team implement it.
  • Create a best practice idea
  • Creates a process to implement the best practice
  • Help the team implement the idea

Maintain excellent relationships with colleagues

In a team, confrontations are almost unavoidable. Tricky issues can come up and spoil the dynamics of team. Good employees however do not take these issues personally. They concentrate on resolution of the problem while also managing excellent relations with other team members.
  • Conflicts are unavoidable
  • Work around conflicts
  • Focus on problem solving

Assume the role of mentors

In a company once I worked at , there was an excellent mentorship program. All new joiners had one senior person as mentor each . They were given some money to spend and go around. It was really a nice ice-breaker thing. In the end all new joiners learned a lot about business from seniors while they were having fun outside office. When the new batch joined, the mentored employees became mentors themselves.
  • Share your experience
  • Adopt a mentorship approach