The Short Guide To Money Blogging

Guest post by Saksham Talwar, 16-yo money making blogger earning thousands of dollars each month just by sharing make money online tips. He loves to share tips to choose awesome blog names. If you’re blogging for the sole reason of making money, every effort you put in must be ventured with the goal of generating leads. You can make money from your blog via direct methods such as selling products and advertising or via indirect methods such as inbound links. Here’s how you go about turning your blog into a money-spinner.

Select A Blog Niche

Choose a popular niche and stick to it. For this, you’ll need to do a bit of homework to glean what niches will have the maximum audience appeal. You can do this by checking other blogs, the amount of traffic they attract, the number of users that visit them and so on. Read content on various blogs to observe the tone, style and presentation aspects. Shortlist a few niche areas and see which one you can take up. You should know your niche specialty subject at depth, or at least be able to contribute usefully to it. Remember, there are many blogs out there and if you want people to stick to you, then your blog content must be unique. No one will read your blog if you don’t sound confident of your subject.

Persuade Readers To Join Your Mailing List

A blog functions like an online diary, which you should update daily with your thoughtful posts for maximum impact. This kind of daily updating makes your blog an interesting investment for search engines. Sharing your thoughts makes your blog interesting to people who like connecting with like-minded personalities. People will come back time and again to read on subjects that interest them. Your blog allows you to build relationships of trust with your visitors using thought-provoking and respectful content. Use this relationship to persuade your readers to join your mailing list. Offer some interesting free such as an eBook, an interesting story, an MP3 file, and celebrity interviews and so on to get their email addresses.

Send Regular Emails And Newsletters

The number of email addresses you’re able to collect depends on the amount of traffic you’re able to attract. If you are successful at this, you’ll have a full-fledged mailing list in no time. The big money lies in possessing a targeted list of subscribers who appreciate your blog and the value you offer. You can buy mailing lists but they’ll not be as effective as one that you build out of your own fan following. Start sending regular emails to your subscriber list with more content and value. When they receive emails from you, you readers will be reminded of your presence on a regular basis.

Use Your Blog To Sell Products

Each reader, each visitor, each mailing address and each backlink you get is your potential lead to sell a product. You can use your blog to sell anything; videos, training courses, affiliate products such as Amazon goods, eBooks and so on. Note that you don’t have to directly sell anything; all you have to do is recommend products on your blog along with descriptive and useful reviews of the items. Your visitors must read your product review and be impressed and intrigued enough to click the product link. You will then be paid a commission by the affiliate product companies whose products you sell. You can also sell your own products, but for that you will to invest in additional coding and a payment gateway.