Entrepreneurship : Its mostly about sharing and helping and not only making money

Chatting with a friend on Facebook about why money has become the end all of every activity that we do, I came to a conclusion that money is the prime factor for motivation to work these days. The proliferation of "make money online" blogs is a case in example. There are many a people on the internet who flaunt their money making skills. They have put make money blogs which in turn leads to many people learning how to make money and put more make money blogs. I have been to these blogs and I too have tried to learn skills to make money. There is nothing wrong with making money as long as it is not your main agenda. Blogging has put the concept of business on its head. No longer one talks about sharing things, teaching each other. The intention is how to make money and then everything starts from there. Isn’t this concept a complete antithesis of entrepreneurship? Money is necessary to survival and to buy things we desire. However, entrepreneurship treats money just as a sort of instrument in helping to do something that has never been done before. Entrepreneurs thrive on challenges, on making things work to their advantage, on helping others. Money is largely off agenda and it is just a tool to help them to get where they want. A true entrepreneur probably would like to start first by believing that he/she can do something in a better way . Thomas Alva Edison probably never cared about who would buy his innovation ( the lightbulb) before he actually created it. It was a selfless effort. Edison would have become millionaire is immaterial to the fact that he tried 10000 times and failed before he got it right. No amount of money could persuade him to try so many times. Richard Branson, one of the greatest entrepreneur today clearly does not speak about money when he talks about his companies he created or journey he undertook in life.
A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. Richard Branson
Why money act so much as a motivator ? I think money has a lot to do with the fact that it gives pleasure to be rich, to own things and to sometimes show off. I am not advocating that we should not look forward to earning money at all. Without it , we will not be able to do many things we like and pleasures of life. In a conference about entrepreneurship that I was participating in last year, one could read from the faces of most of the wannabe entrepreneurs that they wanted to be rich. They talked about funding issues and offering services cheaply to their customers so as to start earning fast. When the convener asked about their products that they would sell to customers, most of them struggled to put their ideas into words.It was clear that money occupied much bigger space in their mind than their desire to help others and create new products. I think money as a end to the venture that we are trying to create, is surely going to lead us not much farther down the road. There are a few people who really have made “Making money” as their ultimate goal but that definitely is not what is defined as entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is more about making yourself useful to the world,sharing with others, helping them and in the process gaining something. What is your opinion of entrepreneurship? How much of a role money should play in the overall scheme of things?