Why take a bite of social media when you can’t chew it?

Some companies have really not understood the concept of social media well before they jumped on it. There is a company which runs a number of modern looking printing outlets. You can just walk in and get the stuff such as cards, calendars , posters printed. The company’s outlets are big dichotomies, the best end-product and least motivated employees. I absolutely adore their products but often find it a pain when their employees behave like they are working in some government office. I do not fault them though. I do not see them motivated enough. As a result there are long lines and really dissatisfied customers. To cut the story short, they almost inundated me with mails that there are finally on social media i.e mostly on Facebook. They have not started their twitter services, I do not know why. I always wanted to tell them that their services suck. I thought it was a good opportunity. I logged in to my machine to check their Facebook page. Once there , I saw that their Facebook page had status messages pointing out to their products, their services. Nowhere, they talked about anything else that was relevant such as employees. I write on their wall about how long their lines were and how boring was their customer service. I expect at least one response. Next day , I found that my message is gone. Deleted !!!!  It was absolutely clear that they had deleted my message. I wonder why they kept the wall open at all, if they did not want someone to write on it. Incensed , I put one more comment under their status message, below another message by an irate customer. It seems they are getting more bricks than bouquets. Good for them!! What were they expecting ? Flowers? Till today my message has not been answered but not been deleted though. Good , they have at least started learning basics of social media.