Winners don’t quit when they face the climb

A lot of blogger friends on mine have stopped writing. They produced excellent blogs, they were great networkers and they provided their own perspectives.

Why people who are doing so well, who have developed a decent fan following , who have people listening to them suddenly go out of business. Why suddenly their blog falls down one day without warning like a dead duck.

It may be probably due to a number of factors such as not getting enough time out of the daily activities, not having enough things to write about or not having enough motivation to write.

I was reading a book by Seth Godin where he talks about the dip. Initially when you start your own business or any economic activity , it feels great. You have a lot to say and a lot to share. However there comes an inflection point where the climb to the top really gets very steep. He calls it as “The Dip”.

Imagine that you are climbing the mountain and the start has been really good . There is nice weather and the climb is flatter. Once the climb starts getting steep , it is very hard to keep going. You would often look up to the mountain trying to find out where the top is so that you can reach it as fast as possible.

However with every step the top looks farther away. As a result most of the people give up and climb down.

Call it the Dip or the steep climb, it is the time that tests your commitment to your venture. It is the time when life hits such a stage where you feel that no matter what you do , you can never make it to the other side.

Or so you thought. Almost every business that may be called as huge had to go through the dip. Take for instance Intel, where the competition from other companies almost forced them to go to the dip. They worked through it to become the world’s largest microprocessor company.

Or how Amazon survived the worse days of the dot-com fall to emerge as one of the prime retailer on internet.

Or how small business /blogs work through the climb to achieve their goals and become famous over time.

The dip is the time when your resolve is tested. It is the time when armies are fighting to win over the battlefield inch by inch and they seem to go nowhere.

However just beyond the dip or the climb of steep hill is the goal, if only you kept going while time was not on your side.

My next post would talk about how to work in those difficult stages in your venture’s life.

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  • I call it a “trend”. Most people go with the flow of trends, if its popular to have a blog they will get into it. Some will abandon a project pretty fast but some will keep playing with it till they get bored eventually. Just like a true trend they get a taste of the experience for a while and then move to something else.

    • Hey Cristian,
      I think a sustainable business is built on passion. Trends are nice to analyze but combining trends with your passion will generate the right business conditions. Each of them alone probably will not get business success.
      Thank you very much for your comments and adding to the discussion :)

  • Put yourself together and continue working and fighting as it was before. If you feel you may take a short break, but it is impossible to stop at all as all your previous works will go in vain. Take time and be patient! You will overcome it.

  • hi this is true you have to work hard on the first clime to the top but this is only the beginning of the roller coaster ride of business and most of what you do can only be influenced by outside forces, but this should only make you more focused and work harder. thanks eric roberts

  • I remember working during the days here in Silicon Valley where most of these companies “came and went”. The happy days of companies going on a hiring frenzy, luring in top engineers with BMW’s (seriously) and people making tons of money back then. I worked for a start-up that had a great product, but had an “uphill battle” competing with giants like Pacific Bell (now, AT&T) and SBC.

    When they were “climbing”, we didn’t know the “hill” was getting steeper because a year later, at a meeting where were suppose to hear that AT&T was acquiring us, I heard the words”, Unfortunately, AOL as acquired us and we will be laying the entire staff off”. What the hell? Needless to say, before the end of the day computers, servers and anything else that wasn’t bolted down came up missing from that day forward.

    A small staff including myself assisted with closing the company down and added another empty building to a slew of office buildings with no occupancy. Talk about closing the door! That taught me a serious lesson about the uphill battle you will face when starting any business and how to keep it going. My blog is my business and it’s something I have to “prune” daily to keep it at optimal speed. I may not have thousands of visitors to my site, but I am happy with what I have and the relationships that I have built.

    Quitting is never an option.

    Excellent post Ash and I have to get that book from Seth! What was the title of it?

    • Hi Sonia,

      Ah!! So you were part of those famous times. I think it sometimes you might be nostalgic about the era that started all the internet revolution. I started my first business( a computer coaching class) at the same time and the going was great. But people told me that it would not last long and I heard them ( what stupidity). Infact my business had already crossed the climb but I was too young and not guided by anyone .

      I think we all learn our lessons one point in time or the other and get wiser thereon. Its great that you know your blog is business because setting the right goals is a great start.

      The book’s name is “The Dip”. It is a simple little book .I finished it in an hour. Go get it :)

  • Great post Ashvini,

    Boy, I sure hope I don’t take the dip soon. I’ve been on an uphill climb all year.

    It’s kind of funny though having run across your post. I’ve had a guy contact me last week who exploded online a little over a year ago. He’s gone on to make some really great income here and he got in contact with me to learn how I’m getting the traffic and comments to my blog. He fell by the wayside with his blog because his business took off so much he decided that something had to give. I can understand not spending as much time on your blog if your business is exploding but I can’t see abandoning it. I mean that is where the majority of his business came from.

    Here he was asking me when he had done the exact same thing about a year ago. I really found that odd yet flattering. He wanted to start all over and came to me for advice. Is that not cool or what!

    Kind of relates to the same thing you are saying but in his instance, it took a dip because business actually went up. It’s being consistent and not quitting is my answer to moving through that phase.

    Thanks for this awesome post Ashvini!


    • Hi Adrienne,
      This is a totally different kind of example. Getting the dip because you got something going . I admire the businessman that he was ready to leave something that he liked because something else was working.
      I think it was great that he came to you because he knew that you have yourself gone thru the grind and now are authority on the subject.
      I think this was the most potent combination.
      Great story Adrienne and you being there gives me a lot of inspiration to go on.
      Best regards,

    • Thank you Anna and welcome to my blog. One does need to go through the grind but learning from others and ourselves we can really win one day. .
      Hope to see you here again.

    • Hey Mouh,
      I think the attitude of winning is so important and you have it. The best part is that you know already that you are in the dip. I am sure it going to be all great for you :)

  • Very good article Ashvini, you’ve given me something to reflect upon over the next few hours. I know the feeling of reassurance that you get when you start an online business, and yes I agree that it isn’t all plane sailing and commitment is the biggest best of time; Which is why I always believe and advice those starting out to focus on small goals, achievable goals and not unrealistic dream chasing goals. If it ever gets to the point where you really feel like giving up, taking a break is the much better option.

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    • Hi Fabrizio,

      Great to know that you have a good idea about how to handle things in a right manner. Small goals are great because they keep us on track while also keeping us motivated. If we just aim for big goal we have a chance that we might slip on the way. Glad that you liked it .

  • Great visual Ashvini,

    I read Grady’s blog today and it made a very good point as well. Often success is just a few steps after the hardest hurdles. It reminded me of when I was fighting cancer. Going through the nausea of chemo, the energy drain of a bone marrow transplant, and all the other trials of fighting cancer, it was easy to feel like it would never get better.

    I’m glad I hung in there and now live an enjoyable life.



    • Hey Bryce,
      Oh I am so sorry to hear about the Cancer thing. You really provide great inspiration to all of us. Entrepreneurs are in far better situations than you have been in and they can take heart that things do get better.
      Glad that you liked it and its always a pleasure to have you here .

  • Absolutely well said Ashvini. I really appreciate your writing as I find it very motivating. As a blogger, I too have been feeling the very same. At times, I felt like I should give up but then it was never to be. I am trying best to keep myself self-motivated and it is working for me. I think the same should be applied for business professionals. No matter, how steep is the path, how far it looks to be…do not worry….keep moving ahead…till you reach your goal..!

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    • Hey Aswani,

      I am very glad that you liked this post. You know that I have written a plugin. I was almost frustrated by the complexity of using the wordpress code to write the plugin. It took me some grind to get there and the results are there to see.
      It always is a grind but beyond there is such happiness :) .

  • Hi Ashvini,

    Very nice article. I am looking at blog sphere as traditional way of school education. Like Kinder care, Middle school, Graduation and so on. Its a endless journey. When we all enter this arena, most of us incline to thrust down all our initial thoughts at very fast phase and quite practical. Then, it may slow down for a while, since you will try to learn the art of blogging and how to post effectively. These are phases of blogging and everyone should cross this bridge.

    The issue is, At one point, Either at six months or six years, you will start thinking about your valuable time and effort and try to analyze the situation. Your mind will keep asking you, Does it worth of doing unless you write some meaningful articles and handful of visitors?! Well. It’s optimal place to define your set goals.

    I would suggest, Stop blogging when stumble such situations for a week or month, and first determine what is your road map at blog sphere and proceed. Either professional or fun blogging, your valuable time and effort is very crucial, since you can not yield it very light at your postings as Kinder care level. Your mind will expect expertness at your postings and very True!

    You can expect blogging domain for fun, business, knowledge sharing or anything, But you need a work around to define your goals and also for a successful journey.

    Thanks for the sharing the post Ashvini.

    • Manickam,
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You know that you have some awesome points :).
      Infact you have gone ahead and suggested really good tool to avoid a burnout. Setting a goal is important , however vague it may be . It is also important to set small goals and improve the quality of the blog so as to take it to the next level.
      Goals are so much important that without them people may lose way and close down whatever they are doing.
      Nice to hear such a engaging thought from you.
      Best regards,

  • Hey Ashvini,

    I have recently had a number of great friends quit blogging, it is really sad because they really were great bloggers. They had a following, many of them with a larger base than I do.
    But for different reasons they gave up.

    If you push through usually you hit pay-dirt and life gets easier.

    • Hello Hemanth,
      Good to see you here bro. The delay thing happens with all of us but is inevitable if we are the only ones doing all the work :). The important point is to not suffer the burnout from the excessive work.
      Glad that you liked the post.
      Best regards,

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