My 7 Links (Post) Challenge to you

I was nominated by Sonia Winland, owner of the blog  for the seven links challenge. She is a wonderful blogger and great friend of mine. She has been a great supporter of my blog. The idea is super simple: bloggers publish 7 links from their blog of posts that might be in “sleep” mode and need to see some light.
  • Pick 7 posts from “your” blog that you feel had the most impact or meant the most to you
  • Nominate 5 additional bloggers with their blog link to pass this on.
This is an awesome opportunity to introduce other bloggers that you admire to share some “oldie but goodie posts”! My blog is now more than an year old but looking back , I can vouch that since only January this year, I started working on it seriously. So effectively it has been less than a year and in my opinion, I am doing ok I like the format Adrienne has created for her own list. I will be using her style in this post. ( Adrienne, you will hopefully forgive me for copying your idea ) . So here they are , my top seven posts .

Post #1: A motivating post

I think people enjoyed my recent post about Winners who don’t quit while they face the climb. I talked about how winners persist and go through the climb and then reap the rewards of the tough days that they have endured.

Post #2 : A post about tragedy

A very sad tale about how kids are killing themselves because they could not secure a seat in the college of their choice or get marks they thought they deserved. It is a sad commentary on the state of education in most of the part of the world. Today’s education makes children a fodder for job market rather than giving them tools to be creative and intelligent. Rising suicide among school children is worrisome

Post #3: Quite a discussion

Facebook and Google are tough competitors. I wrote about my take on Facebook vs Google battle which created some heated but great discussion. Facebook Vs Google - Its a war out there

Post #4: Communication effectiveness

When I wrote this post, I was not much aware about social media and its implication on communication. Social media has redefined the way we communicate , for good or for worse. The fact is that communication matters. Communication is not a one way street

Post #5: A post that cautions

I am a fan of delighting customer but unplanned and uncontrolled delighting can have major consequences on your venture Customer Delight, A big risk

Post#6: Lessons from a guitar shop.

I learned a lot from a guitar shop owner whom I know from last ten years. He always greets me with a smile and that is what makes me go again and again to him for any new purchase . Dealing with competition: lessons from Guitar shop on Entrepreneurship

Post#7: Managers who care

Good managers allow employees to develop their own individuality. It not only helps in creating a great workplace but improves morale a lot. Good managers encourage individuality in a team Here are my favourite five bloggers ( this is by no means exhaustive list ). Aswani from One Stop Blog –>Great SEO tips Byrce : Balanced work life –> Everything on business Daniel M Wood : –> Master of productivity Swami Ji Balendu : –> Spirituality on the web Nicola Deiana: –> Blogging expertise redefined What people above need to do? Take the challenge :) and pass it to your favorite list :).