Tips to improve employee productivity – Part 1

A lot of People don’t start their own business because it is more demanding than a 9to 5 job. However these days, even 9 to 5 jobs are  almost like business and the business risk partly falls on employees' shoulders a bit. If for example, organization does not perform well, the employees lose bonus and get fewer pay raises. Businesses are thus pushing employees harder for getting more  productivity. Unfortunately pushing employees beyond their capacity has a number of disadvantages. A few of them are
  • Employee attrition
  • Lower morale
  • More  sick leaves
  • Reduced self worth
  • Lowered respect for organization
A famous experiment called as Hawthorne experiment provided a glimpse into what makes employees more productive. Even though it may have criticism but it confirms the theory that workplaces that have better working conditions are more productive. The better way to create and run a great business is by improving employee productivity and not the number of hours they work. Great companies such as Apple, Google , Facebook are often termed as great places to work. They spend tremendous amount of money providing employees with services and facilities that make their employees happy. However small business do not have such luxury. They have less money to spend on the employees than the bigger companies. So if you own a small business , how can you provide a productive environment to their employees which is also cost effective for you?

Improving employee productivity tip #1: Acknowledge contribution from employees

Acknowledging employee productivity is at the top of the list. In my experience, it has the most amazing effect on the morale of the employee. Superiors may acknowledge the contribution of the employee by
  • Sending appreciation mail
  • Letter or certificate of contribution
  • Public appreciation in front of the team

Improving employee productivity tip #2: Celebrate success and milestones

The best way of keeping a team together and managing it well is to celebrate small successes. For e.g  having a small get together at the end of a successful go live of a project is a great way for team to bond together. This helps build team spirit and encourage team members to contribute more. It also means that management is aware of their contribution and acknowledges it 

Improving employee productivity tip #3: Let employees manage their work life balance

The best places to work are those where employees are allowed to manage their time. Employees control how much time they spend in office and how much they spend on their families, leisure and hobbies without slipping on the work. Here is a link from Bryce’s blog on work life balance. Office Bliss (An Infographic on Work-Life Happiness)

Improving employee productivity tip #4: Focus on the outcome and not on person

Managers spend too much time monitoring the activities of employees. The best managers often concentrate on tasks at hand and the performance of employee with respect to that task. Interfering and over monitoring of the employees may cause employees to stay “below the radar” and still continue what they were doing. The best thing thus is: Concentrate on result oriented task and intervene only if necessary. Do not over-monitor

Improving employee productivity tip #5: Build a business oriented environment

An office where hard work is not appreciated, customer focus is not rewarded and office politics is supreme is hardly a place for good employee productivity. Building a stress free work place where business orientation and results are rewarded is the right way to improve employee productivity. What in your opinion can improve the productivity of employee at the workplace? What makes employee tick ? Can you narrate an interesting incidence from your office?