Tips to improve employee productivity – Part 2

Continuing from the post Tips to improve employee productivity – Part 1.

Improving office productivity tip #6: Adopt fair remuneration and promotion policies

Salary may be essential but it not the topmost motivating factor for an employee. Herzberg in his experiment pointed out that money is a hygiene factor. Lack of it causes job dissatisfaction but presence of salary does not by itself creates satisfaction. Read here. But policies which cause salary imbalance in the short term may result in long term motivational issues. Besides that, non objective promotions are a no-go. Objective feedback from superiors, customers, peers, juniors etc is often a moral booster.

Improving office productivity tip #7: Provide tools to help their job easier

To perform in her job a team member needs right software and hardware. In the times of cost cutting however, companies shy away from providing tools that increase productivity and automate a number of . New tools often automate time consuming tasks and increase productivity. Its better to purchase them earlier than later. After all its your company's business time that is saved.

Improving office productivity tip #8: Empower them to make decisions

There is one very interesting incident narrated at Bill’s blog about how empowered employees at a pizza joint converted troubled customers into happy ones. At another place, the employees barely bothered. Employees with more freedom to deal with customers do a better job. They add reputation to your business. If they know that they are empowered to take decisions, they will not hesitate to take them.

Improving office productivity tip #9: Allow them to question management decisions

At General Electric employees are free to question their managers. Many managers will shudder at the thought of their juniors questioning them. However,workplaces open to employee expressions (suggestions/complaints/feedback) are generally more productive. Employees take ownership and have higher productivity.

Improving office productivity tip #10: Develop and spread best practices across the organization

Spread best practices adopted or created by one team all across the organization. I hope you liked the articles on improving employee productivity.a What additional ways, we can improve it ? Do comment below.