Employees:Right attitude is your strongest skill

A mall is the best place to study about a lot of business aspects. There are shops and stores, where employees take a lot of care to engage you as a customer. Then, there are places where they don’t even care to look at you. They are probably not enough motivated to give their best. I would fault their employers for not motivating, training and not paying them enough to become customer friendly . But a part of the fault also rests with employees. I have often seen employees take the job and then do not develop "attitude" to be their best. No organization can train for the attitude needed for a job. It comes from the employee. For e.g. they can train employees about the methods of selling but then its up to the employees to put it to practice. No organization can train for customer care. Employee either has it or don't. However, nothing  stops the employees from understanding the products they are selling. Nothing stops them from pitching up-sell( for example a more costlier product), down-sell( a lesser costlier product)  or cross-sell. They do not need motivation classes to help them  listen to customers. Nothing stops them from being the best. Miracles won’t happen because customers suddenly start purchasing. Miracles happen because employees try to understand customer needs. If they don’t do the job more than what is necessary, can they ask for higher salary? If they don't attract repeat customers, how will they have a track record to show? Their CV will probably look like a listing of jobs and months in each of them. To get noticed is to work on the boundary, on the edges. To get noticed is to get customers attention and then to give them what they want. As an employee you might not get your due in the present job but I am sure management will not be happy to let you go. If you join another organization, I am sure your reputation would have already reached the new employer. Right attitude gives a kind of confidence in your own abilities. It also helps you to take more responsibilities. Attitude cannot be taught or trained, it is either  inborn or slowly cultivated with time. However it may one of the most powerful skill in your resume .