Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are -Theodore Roosevelt

I read this from a  poster at my friend’s house, . It immediately struck me that this should be motto of entrepreneurship. I have often seen people procrastinating their dreams because they feel that they do not have the required resources, time or energy to do things that they like. They do not pursue their hobbies, personal interest or anything else that they like to do because they feel that they will not be able to meet their goals. I think what Roosevelt said is very important. We face difficulties all the time. Either we do not have the time or we do not have the money to take the path of entrepreneurship. We daydream that “if I had this or had that … then….”. This statement becomes the principal of life. Now, it is time to learn from what Roosevelt said:

Do what you can

We wait and wait forever in the hope that things will turn better for us. We need instead is to take the initiative, get going and not feel scared of the outcome. A number of entrepreneurs never made it the first time but they would have never made it through had they not tried. Failure is really not about losing. Its about understanding that things were not right for you at that time. It is about learning , failing and then getting successful. It is not about waiting for opportunities at the right time but working to make sure that you meet opportunity midway in your journey.

With what you have

Most of us do not have money , offices or the workforce needed to start a businesses. If we take a look around however, we will see that all the great businesses of today started very small. Companies like Apple , Microsoft, Facebook , Google, Dell were either started in garages or dorm rooms. If the founders of these companies waited till they had enough money or manpower to develop their products they would not create such large companies. The important point is to take action with whatever resources you got. If you can tap local business, you should do that. If you need to rope in the friends, do that. If you do anything that is worthwhile for your business or life you need to do that; with whatever resources you have got. Seth Godin talks about shipping early. Why create a world class product when you don’t have the resources to do that. Create what works on a small scale. Ship early. Let the results flow in with time. But important is to take the action now!!!!

Wherever you are

At any point in life you will face constraint because of lot of factors. A common one is your age. If you are a teenager, you are too young. If you are adult , you are busy with family. If you are old, then you don’t have energy. Next, there are places which are business will work like a magic and there are places where it is difficult. It is up to you to create a product or offering so great that your business becomes appealing. You need to listen to your customers and make sure that you fulfil their needs. There is always a market, a need to fulfil. The entrepreneur in you need to find those needs and create products around them. After all that is what entrepreneurs do. Just don’t let constraints of your location limit your imagination. To summarize:

Do what you can –> Take action , do not wait

With what you have –> Be imaginative , don’t let lack of money keep you from doing something you like

Wherever you are –> Create smart products for your market. There is always a need to fulfil wherever you are.

In just one sentence, Roosevelt implied what an entrepreneur need to be.


Now what are you waiting for ? Isn’t time you implemented learning from these phrases ?