Finding a great employee

Jack Welch often carried his business card in pocket so that he could give it to an outstanding employee he met in the workplaces, his company did not own. Business owners often wonder where they can find a great employee without going through the pain of hiring and then waiting for him/her to turn into a great employee. Recently at a coffee shop I encountered an outstanding employee. My wife and I ordered breakfast from the menu even though it was slightly late for it. The employee serving us told that it was not available. "Fine" . We said and got up from our seat. As we were about to leave, she said that she will check with the chef. She came back looking slightly said. I am sure chef said no to her request. We got up again to leave. She hesitated and asked us for wait for a moment and apologized for it. She went back and you could hear her arguing with the chef. This time she came back smiling. She clinched the deal. We got our breakfast, she got her customer’s satisfaction and the company got the money. If I were Jack Welch(or even had the capacity to employ people), I would have handed her my card instantly and asked her to join my company. No matter that I had to pay her bigger salary, I would want such an employee on my business rolls. It is easy to find great employees, they are all around you .