Important 2011 year events and their impact on us

Happy 2012 to all the readers of this blog. In this post , I will discuss a few important events of the last year. 2011 brought in some of the best and worst news to the world. The good news includes democratization of information, birth of new enterprises and positive impact of social media on world politics while the bad news was mainly about economic crisis and near about collapse of banking industry.

Economic Crisis blew a hole in the economy

Last year was terrible for the world economy. The debt crisis, Eurozone crisis, and every other crisis kept us  worried. Financial collapse of banks ensured that for a long time, economy would be under duress and recession would be prolonged. There were job losses and lackluster growth of various economies of the world.

Hardships to millions

The slowing economies and the financial crisis caused undue hardships to millions . I do not know if it is the bottom or we still have to wait for it. The last recession lasted about two years , while the current one is already in the third year.

Impact of the technology

New ideas and technology changed the way the movements were organized. Social media sites like twitter and Facebook helped people fuel revolutions in multiple countries. Governments did their best to muzzle the voices that did not agree with them. Fortunately, internet acted as a medium to organize and challenge dictatorship and authoritarian regimes. Also if someone had a valid cause and use social media wisely, they could rally a large number of people with them without spending too much money on promoting it.

Business embraced the social media

Businesses embraced social media last year in a big way. Companies all around the world put more effort into their social media campaigns. They started exploring social media as an alternative to their other media spends. Words such as ROI out of Social media started gaining prominence. So much so that an expert remarked  “What is the ROI of your mother?” in response when prodded on ROI question.

More social media tools launched

Google too launched its new social media network called as Google Plus to take on Facebook. Initial reactions were very exciting however it is now struggling to make its mark with respect to the Facebook. New year probably will be start a new battle between these two giants

Publishing  became easier thanks to Amazon

Amazon distanced its lead from its competitors by continuously promoting and creating new ways of publishing and reading. I also had the fortune of creating my first book on Amazon (without the need of a publisher).

Privacy took a nosedive

With allegation far and thick that internet and social media is intruding in the personal lives of people, Facebook and ad networks came under heavy attack from privacy advocates. In my opinion, privacy is going to be the most important factor for people when they join new sites/network in future.

Tablets ruled the business and consumers alike

Apple's iPad gained prominence , so did Samsung's Galaxy tab. The companies were locked in battle in the court to stop other from selling their tablet. Tablet became more accessible to everyone with the introduction of "Akash" tablet.

Cloud computing made it easier to scale the application to enterprise levels

It became much easier to create and host an app on internet . While the scale of deployment increased on cloud server, prices of application hosting fell making it a true commodity business. Because of this a plethora of similar apps started popping up. How many of them survive is totally dependent on how they promote themselves, their customer base, demand etc.

Customer progressed to be on the way to be the king

Despite all the sad stories we heard, customer finally got a voice. Not only she could complain about bad service but also make sure that it is heard far and wide. A case in point is when two large companies were forced to withdraw the increase in service fees for their services. Blogs and Social media made sure that the customer voice was amplified like never before.

Big organization struggled with changing technology

Big organizations struggled to understand how to reach customers with the new media age. Customer got more choices than ever and became more powerful in shaping opinions using the internet. Now delighting the customer was not sufficient but also entertaining her and listening to her.

Content generation becomes an important part of business

Corporate blogging got its due importance. New content brought in more visitors to business . Blogging became a way to showcase the product and generate interest.

Loss of a few great people

Steve Jobs lost his life to cancer. Having contributed enormously to the computer and tablet industry , he was hailed as visionary leader. My favorite is , Dennis Ritchie, creator of "C" language who also passed away this year. I did a lot of programming my college days using C langauge. A large number of programs and software that exist today owe their existence to "C" by Dennis. The list is not exhaustive(obviously). I hope you liked the content of the list and it gave you something to think about Please feel free to add trends that you thought below in the comment or in the form here . I will make a list and post it on here,  with your name :)