100 resolutions every entrepreneur needs to take this year

2011 is over. It is time to look at things with new perspective and create some resolutions of your own. Here are 100 of them from me. It took me three days to compile this list. Take whatever your like. A lot of them are going to become posts in the blog in future
  1. Learn about business planning
  2. Network a lot before
  3. Develop a  razor sharp focus on business area
  4. Listen to your customers
  5. Use social media to promote your business
  6. Create a blogging strategy for business
  7. Understand risk planning
  8. Treat employees well, motivate them
  9. Don’t be afraid to experiment
  10. Don’t be discouraged by disappointment – Have patience
  11. Take care of your health – walk and exercise
  12. Use credit wisely
  13. Set up reachable goals
  14. Prioritize your tasks
  15. Stop attending meetings without a set agenda
  16. Reward your great employees
  17. Keep an eye on trends in technology
  18. Learn a few technical concepts
  19. Create an ebook, teach people
  20. Concentrate on customer retention than acquisition
  21. Develop your brand - avoid line extension
  22. Participate in forums and events
  23. Be original , authentic and consistent
  24. Find a mentor
  25. Do not be scared of grunt work
  26. Ask your friends for suggestions and feedback
  27. Do not be scared to talk about your business
  28. Do not reveal your business to everyone
  29. Develop a vision and it need not be about making money
  30. Discover new friends
  31. Talk about new friends and their business
  32. Keep the passion and spirits high
  33. File your taxes on time
  34. Create value for customer, move out of the commodity business
  35. Optimize resources , be a contributor to the economy
  36. Do not neglect your family
  37. Target global as well as local customers
  38. Create partnership
  39. Think of monetizing your work
  40. Think about productizing the services
  41. Plan about developing authority in your fields
  42. Ship fast, ship early
  43. Put your employees and yourself into training
  44. Develop financial intelligence
  45. Create your own path
  46. Give away a freebie to your customers
  47. Highlight your success stories
  48. Let your employees write posts for your blogs
  49. Highlight your best practices
  50. Showcase the testimonials
  51. Participate in trade shows, local events etc.
  52. Showcase your business plan to venture capitalists
  53. Develop marketing campaigns to entice customers
  54. Improve usability of your product
  55. If possible do some charity
  56. Encourage and use employee feedback
  57. Explore outsourcing  a part of your business
  58. Prioritize your activities
  59. Improve your business website
  60. Explore new channels of sales
  61. Take care of cash flow - do better planning of cash flow
  62. Ask friends to help your business
  63. Re-activate old contacts one per day
  64. Create tutorials for using your products
  65. Develop more confidence than you had last year
  66. Think of a little diversification of income or product line
  67. If possible create videos of your business and post them online
  68. Celebrate every small success
  69. Celebrate employee's birthday
  70. Concentrate on your niche more than ever
  71. Create and respect interaction with your customer
  72. Underpromise and overdeliver
  73. Cut costs where possible without cutting quality
  74. Think like a leader not a manager
  75. Set realistic goals for employees. Appraise them wisely
  76. Learn to compete with larger business
  77. Think of using CRM system for your company
  78. Partner with larger business
  79. Diversify from a single customer
  80. Plan customer delight but be careful
  81. Pamper early adopters
  82. Study and copy best practices of  other organization
  83. Study the progress with respect to last year
  84. Keep backup of important data
  85. Think of ways of converting your hobby to business
  86. Learn to say NO when you need it
  87. Learn from the experts in the field
  88. Think about intrapreneurship if you are a big company
  89. Deploy collaborative tool in your company
  90. Learn negotiation skills
  91. Learn about project management
  92. Implement employee friendly policies
  93. Find the right niche and exploit it to the hilt
  94. Read Daria Steigman's blog on business
  95. Start creating a management team if you have not done so already
  96. Inspire others and be inspired
  97. Think of long term vision but keep an eye on short term
  98. Be practical, quick thinking and inquisitive
  99. Be proud of being the entrepreneur
  100. Isn't 99 enough? Read this list again from start ;)