From a manager to a leader

by Ashvini on February 2, 2012 · 9 comments

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A manager’s job is to manage employees and resource in order to achieve the organization goals.

A typical manager has to follow everyday plan,check daily targets and then work towards achieving them.Also he/she needs to set up targets for employees. Once his/her and team’s targets are met he may or may not strive beyond them.

However, intense competition and customer desire to get complete solutions is forcing organizations a rethink.

In the increasing complex world, being a manager is just not enough. Thing are constantly evolving, changing the workplace permanently. Competitors catch up easily. Technological changes are causing disruptions in meeting the targets.

As a solution, management needs to be substituted by leadership. A manager often leads team of specialists and they need more than just management.

Manager needs to become a facilitator. He/She needs to make sure that obstacle to producing excellent work are removed. He/She needs to inspire  his team member perform beyond their comfort zones. For that probably he/she needs to get in the field and listen to them.

Manager needs to become a leader. Leadership is not a skill that can taught in a college. A person can learn about the theory but its implementation comes from hard work,developing a vision and inspiring people.

A leader develops his vision when he drops the boundaries that hold him and his team from performing the best.

A team that has a leader often comes up with the product that beats expectation. They complete work before time and are not afraid of taking challenges.

The leader also help create more leaders from his team . The leader knows his team well people tick and to motivate them.

Managers control. Leaders inspire. Become one.

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