Becoming an indispensable employee

What makes an awesome employee ? What are the ways he/she gains the status as "indispensable"? As much as organizations would like to compare two employees only on basis of skills they possess, they know that to get great results they need great employees. Companies compare candidate on just  the basis of their experience and on the job skills. However, things such as leadership, communication, dedication are very important factors too. People cannot be trained in them. Employees who are committed to learning by applying  them are the ones that learn these skills. Here are a few ways, in which you can develop the skills that make you indispensable .

 Providing Quality in work

If you are in the job of writing software, you can increase your impression on your employer when your code is well written. Of course you will need to repeat the same work every time you code. That is the definition of quality. It is about completing something again and again with same standards. You can create quality work in any job. Adding Value You add value to the organization and customer when you go beyond the expected. As an employee, you can add value by increasing your knowledge of business and by developing your relationship with customers. When your customer rely on you they appreciate you. Sharing knowledge As an employee you need to help others reach their potential even though you do not manage them. Because when you help someone , you gain reputation as an expert. Organizations would love to keep such employees. Providing complete solutions Your company wants you to win business, repeatedly. Your customers are looking for ways to solve a business problem. They want solution that give them an edge over their competition. As a great employee you need to know how things work and then design the best solution for them. If they are really happy, they would let your employer know about that.

Showing leadership

Your customers and employer want you to proactively look for the problems and resolve them. They want to see your leadership in your area of work. They like people who are proactive and take initiative . Follow these points consistently and become “indispensable” to your company and its customers. What are the other things that you feel will make you indispensable to your organization?