Hiring the right candidate for your small business company

Hiring is a tough decision for the entrepreneur. Hiring mistakes may cost a small company  lot of money. Unfortunately, most of the hiring is done in haste without proper planning. Most of the hiring happens for fulfilling short term demands. While that strategy may save costs in the short run, it is not right for the long term. An organization’s growth is the sum of all the efforts by its employees. Right hiring gets in good employees who stay longer and work with more commitment. That brings into question, how do we actually find and hire good employees. One of the elaborate ways could be "Understanding Why Companies Hire for Culture Fit" Write accurate job description I once received a mail about a job that had listed about twenty skills as a requirement. It was hilarious. Other than tech skills, the candidate was required to have management skills, project management skills and all the other skills you can think of. Clearly the job description was not very well thought out. It is impossible to find a candidate with so many skills even though that is desirable. Concentrate on the most important skill and then search for the right candidate. Partial skill set matching is good enough Often a candidate has partial skills set match with the criteria. He is probably good at what he does but has not worked in areas that you need for the job. Before you reject such a candidate find out the capacity of the candidate to learn new skills. You can check his resume to get a clue about how many things he has learned in his career. According to experienced HR professionals, a skill match of 70% is often good enough to be considered for hiring if the candidate is good. Look at the potential and not only at the skill set It might be the case that the prospective candidate does not have much knowledge of the skills but she shows promise. If she has got letters of appreciation from previous employers, client testimonials and other awards, she may be the right candidate. It maybe that she is looking out to learning new skills. It’s worth it to hire such a candidate. She may be put under an experienced senior/mentor who would guide him to reach his potential. Since she is capable and motivated, she will find it easier to pick up the skills. She may stay with you longer because your company allowed her to learn new skills and apply them. Determine intrinsic motive for leaving the old job. It is not right to hire a candidate who wants to move to your company just for salary hike unless he is getting very low salary from the current employee. It is a common phenomenon in many countries, for candidates to jump companies frequently for hikes. However, if the reasons of job switch sounds convincing, it may be used to decide the outcome. Sometimes, people leave the job because they are not treated well, not given any room to grow or to learn new skills. If you find them suitable and committed, why not give them a chance? Image: luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net What would your criteria be for hiring ? Who is a suitable candidate for your company ?