Branding is about consistency not only advertising

by Ashvini on March 8, 2012 · 8 comments

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Do you have a brand that delivers services consistently to your customers? Often branding is thought only in the context of logoand advertising. It is about somehow letting people know that you exist and then getting customers to your door.

A good brand is however about the consistency with which you delivers goods and services to your customers.

I remember a great snack shop in my hometown, which made tasty and the highly diabetes inducing Winking smile sweet food, you could ever eat. I could not miss it, whenever I visited the town. The shop was popular not because of its food but because of the person who owned it. A lot of people knew him. He used to smile at each customer and this probably made the sweets even more tastier. The combined experience was way too good. A combination of great food with great courtesy, every time. The shop was a roaring business.

Unfortunately, a few years back he died. I felt a perceptible change in the way the sweets tasted. They were not the same. The smile was gone too. The story that the shop owner once created really lost the flavor.

A good brand = consistency in customer’s experience

A brand works because there is a consistency in the message. It works because when customer comes to your shop or  restaurant or website, she expect the same experience almost 100% of time. She expects the same urgency in attending to her. She expects the same courtesy as countless other times. She expects the same quality of product as last time.

It is what you create in the mind of customer that matters. That way there is an interesting mix of marketing and product or content. First you create great content and then deliver it consistently using marketing( not necessarily advertising). Thus You create great experience.

Branding is not only about splashing advertising on the billboard or in a newspaper. If you promise something and only deliver 50% of it , your brand is broken. It won’t matter then even if you hired the best designer to design your logo.

Customer’s experience starts right from the time, she gets in touch with you. It may be a call, a visit or a support request. It is your only moment, to make your brand image come true. If  customer loves the experience, she would come back many times over. And who does not love a returning, paying customer. This is the principle on which even social media branding works. Content that supports a brand and vice versa.

A great brand strategy is with great content and not without it. It is all about the experience you offer to customer and with a consistency.

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